The ancient art of stick making has never enjoyed such worldwide popularity. From New Zealand to South America; Canada to Scotland, stick making is challenging crafts folk young an old.

It is a craft demanding patience and skills. Those skills are enhanced by materials of the finest quality. Rerrick Stick Making Supplies pride themselves in dealing with only the best. Horns - Buffalo, Cow, Deer; Preformed handles - lyre, churchill, wide top in horn and rosewood; collars in beaded nickle, brass and copper as well as horn, ferrules, Alpine spikes, horn and bone spacers, pewter badges, resin, leather lace, catapult rubber, leg cleeks, nocks, Sgian dubh, and scabbards, just a few of the materials Rerrick Stick Making Supplies have on offer.

Whatever you need, just ask. So if your choice is a Shepherd's Crook, Market Stick, Leg Cleek or Thumb Stick, Rerrick Stick Making Supplies has everything you will want.


Walking Stick Making Materials » Collars » Brass Flange Ring 21mm


Fine Brass Ring With Internal Flange Which Will "Butt" Against Top Of Shank And Base Of Handle This Will Create A Neat Join. A Subtle, Quality Accessory That Will Set Any Stick Off. Size 21mm Inside Diameter.

Postage 1: 0.01 - 29.99: 3.95
Postage 2: 30.00 - 69.99: 4.95
Postage 3: 70.00 - 119.99: 6.95
Postage 4: 120.00 - 199.99: 10.95
Postage 5: 200.00 - over: 13.95

Brass Flange Ring 21mm - collars